JR Ewing- The Future – Mixtape (Restock)


JR Ewing “The Future”
Everything you’ve heard is true…

Restock from originals 2008 CDs

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Tracklist :

01. Taj Mahal “The Shooter”
02. Scorsese “Getem-Shunn”
03. Rave Roulet (Pottersfield) “Superman”
04. Lo Smooth “Smooth Style”
05. Fortune “I Believe”
06. Escadon Huessane “If Yeeeeaan Know”
07. Whiz Khalifa feat. Boaz “Keep the Conversation”
08. Kajmir Royal “All Fall Down”
09. Menace the Reezin feat. Cali Snipes & El Nino “The Future”
10. Camoflauge aka Gangis Khan feat. Bishop Brigante “Always Everyday”
11. Little Vic “Sister Morphine”
12. Rated R “Broken Window”
13. Q Da Kid “Here we Go Again”
14. C.R. “Down Bootom Hankock Gang”
15. Glaccius “Bet my Life”
16. Marvo “Here Today Gone Tomorrow”
17. Pokerface “Three Sevens”
18. Storm P “Hell and Black”
19. Camoflauge aka Gangis Khan “Whisky Bar”
20. D.C. “Do It Better”
21. Max B feat Mel Matrix & Noe “Hold Em”
22. Bishop Lamont “Street Theology”
23. Sha Stimuli “The Outro”

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